The Original Premium Chicken Jerky.

Ultra-Premium, Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried food for pets made and sourced in the USA.

About Cosmo's

No preservatives.

No additives.

All natural.

Then and Now.

Cosmo’s got it’s start with our Signature Chicken Jerky on the shelves of a retail store I founded in 2012. I remember selling 2 oz. bags with a label we printed in the store, and we sold out the first day we put it out. Literally, since that day, we have been constantly reinvesting (and slicing a lot of chicken) in order to continue to fulfill our insanely rapid growth in demand. How rapid? We've grown in volume more than four times annually for three consecutive years. We’ve gotta be doing something right!

Today, Cosmo’s has a beautiful 5000 sq foot production & packaging facility – still in Carmel, Indiana – where it all started. We focus on providing market leading dehydrated & freeze-dried pet foods for private label & contract manufacture. We’ve got specialized machinery that allows us to supply great volumes as well as consult/create customized products. Our (the original) Signature Chicken Jerky has been our star with a variety of clients seeing phenomenal success through many channels.

Please reach out directly to me if you’d like to discuss contract pet food packaging, private label pet food & treats or any other contracted solution for your pet food company.

Sean Litke
Founder, President

As good as it gets.

our poultry

The fresh poultry we buy is never stored below 28° F, so it’s always delivered fresh.

Our product originates from all natural chicken that matures on family farms in the United States without the use of growth hormones or steroid supplements has been minimally processed. We focus on a clean, safe and sustainable operation - - from packaging to the cleaning products we use to the material we recycle & waste we dispose of.

unmatched QUALITY

Sourced and produced in Carmel, Indiana, USA

Within our 5000 sq foot production facility; our chicken is trimmed, seperated, inspected & then sliced by our skilled and trustworthy team. We’ve spent over 4 years perfecting our process allowing us to efficiently and safely produce our mouth-watering Jerky.

We dehydrate each batch until we get our famous, ideal consistency. The Jerky is then cooled and inspected a 3rd time before we track it and pack it. Every bag is given attention and delivered packed to the brim with consistently beautiful product, which is why we've sold out all over the place since we've extended our reach.


100 % USDA Grade Natural Chicken Breast

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min. %)
Crude Fat (Min. %)
Crude Fiber (Max. %)
Moisture (Max. %)

High in Protein – Very low in Fat
NO Additives
NO Preservatives
Superior, consistent quality assurance

Want some?

As with all Cosmo's Superior products, expect the highest level of quality available. We guarantee that all of our chicken is of the highest quality and free of anything artificial.


100 % USDA Grade Natural Chicken Breast

private label info

We’re proven to be a healthy, recognizable and responsible manufacturer. Our private label partners enjoy great margins, great business relationships and personal service. We look forward to working with you!


we produce, bag, label & ship to anywhere.


Bulk Bags

we MAKE & ship in bulk, you take it from there.




Private label, All-in

We will package our product in your chosen packaging with label graphics you provide. You can submit labels to us, or we can use our friendly neighborhood printer who does fantastic work. Your goods can be shipped wherever you like, and are sure to arrive in pristine condition…ready to be put on the shelf!

Label Creation Available

Ship to any fulfillment option

500 lb minimum

truly set apart.

Once we hear from you and review your information we will contact you to discuss pricing, availability, initial ordering requirements, etc.



Private label, bulk delivery

If you already have an in-house bagging ability, fantastic! It will save us a little time and you a little cash. We typically ship in 5 to 20 pound bags and can accommodate any order. You are free to bag at any weight and in any type of packaging once approved by our branding team.

you package & fulfill

cost savings

300 lb minimum

you need us in your product line.


Interested in carrying our Signature Chicken Jerky?

Our retailers are consistently able to achieve exceptional margins while offering their customers a safe, hand-made product. We have competitive pricing as well as discounts for initial orders to help fill some shelf space.

Our jerky is incredibly unique and far superior than the majority of Jerky treats currently in circulation.

Sourced and produced in Carmel, Indiana, USA
High in Protein – Very low in Fat
NO Additives
NO Preservatives
Superior, consistent quality assurance

Our market consists of those who are interested in foods sans preservatives and additives as well as customers who prefer to support smaller more transparent businesses than those that dominate the marketplace.

We look forward to sending some jerky your way!

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